Nola Avienne

The Donor Wall Project

The Donor Wall Project investigates the unfortunate trend in the art market of purchasing artwork as an investment, not out of love for the work. If the artist has become a commodity why not circumvent the art altogether when you can own an actual piece of the artist?

The purpose of this project is if someone wants to own a piece it must be chosen solely on an aesthetic decision. A list of donors is available but the identity is not revealed until after purchase.

An ongoing undertaking, currently seventy-two artists generously have donated their blood to create individual biological portraits. Each artist’s blood is painted on a square of paper, reducing the subject’s identity to its most primal component – the chemical breakdown of the artist. Each square was painted with the exact same quantity of blood and applied by the same method every time. The results in color and consistency were radically different

In the last three years, I have worked predominantly with magnets. This led me to investigate the magnetic properties of my own blood. I returned to school and received a certificate in phlebotomy to facilitate this body of work.

Blood on paper. 2008-2009. 3”x 3”, Installation 80” x 71”